About Us

Who we are

Microjuk was established in 1998 to support and advance the print, computing and digital creativity markets in Israel. 

Over the years, as technologies advanced, Microjuk continues to evolve and lead these fields in Israel.

By accumulating years of experience, establishing a record of trustworthiness and always being ready to assist, Microjuk has become a significant supplier to academic education and research institutions. Our clients include universities, colleges, schools and special education centers.

Beyond our well established partnerships with HP in the field of wide-format printing and Apple in the fields of education and computing, Microjuk also imports and distributes a wide range of products including printers, cutting tables, print media, and display accessories.

Microjuk is committed to our clients’ growth, evolution and potential.

We Believe:

That professionalism, experience, and efficiency are important, but so are ingenuity, creativity, and innovation, in determining your success.

That “Human Capital” is paramount in the continued excellence of any business.

In personal professional service, that meets the needs of our clients, while maintaining every standard and matching every timeline.

That the sour aftertaste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet flavour of a low price has vanished.

We look forward to including you among our friends on Facebook and YouTube.

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